Stakeholder Co-ordination

There are a number of external and internal stakeholders that must be involved so as to ensure that the maximum Federal and State Government rebates can be secured for training of qualifications within the AQF.

One of the challenges facing Training and Learning & Development Managers is the sheer number of Government departments needed to be involved in this process. And just to make the job even harder, most involved are state-based organisations which vary from state to state; so if you are operating a national business, the volume of time involved often becomes inhibitive to manage within an internal team.

Some of the external organisations we will liaise with on your behalf include the Australian Apprenticeship Centre, State Training Authorities (such as NSW Department of Education and Training), Vocational Educational Training Advisory Boards in each state and your organisation’s Registered Training Organisation.

Typically, there are also a number of departments within your own organisation which need to be involved to ensure that all the paperwork is in order, including Legal, Finance, Payroll, Human Resources, Taxation, Learning & Development and of course the staff undertaking the training. Samsara will work with each of these internal stakeholders.

Samsara understands the important role that each stakeholder plays and therefore is able to extract the best result for your organisation to ultimately deliver greater financial returns and staff retention.

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