Case Study

New Manager Training Gap

A small internal Learning & Development team with many great ideas did not have the resources to implement a Management Development Program nationally. Samsara provided the solution.                         


AAPT Ltd (Telecommunications Company). Contact: Natalie Goldman  – Corporate Learning & Development Manager


AAPT employs  over 1200 people across Australia. AAPT  realised that it had a gap in its Management Development Program. Employees moving into management roles were not equipped with the skills they needed to perform their new tasks effectively.

Samsara Solution

Samsara met with the newly appointed Corporate Learning & Development Manager (L&D Manager) to discuss AAPT’s management training needs. The L&D Manager was well aware of traineeships and knew that the Certificate IV in Frontline Management was the most appropriate qualification. However, the L&D Manager did not know a suitable Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or have the internal resources to manage the administration and compliance requirements this program of up to 100 traineeships would demand.

Samsara organised for three RTOs to present how they would conduct this course nationally. Samsara then supported the company in the vendor selection process.

Samsara developed a Scope of Works detailing the deliverables of the RTO, Samsara, the Austalian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) and the employer. This Scope of Works effectively outsourced the administration, compliance requirements and performance management reporting to Samsara.


AAPT  has been very pleased with the results including:

  • Over 90 employees well on their way to completing the Frontline Management qualification at no cost to the employer since the program financials will break even.
  • The Frontline Management qualification was rolled out in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.
  • The performance of the RTO
  • The trainees positive feedback about the quality of the training
  • Being able to manage the entire program with less than 20 percent of one headcount.
  • The Performance Management Reporting of Samsara which enabled  AAPT management to focus resource where needed and monitor all aspects for the program from a single report.

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