Case Study

Map Internal Training to the AQF

An organisation with an extensive induction program wanted to have this training recognised nationally within the AQF. Samsara provided a solution.                                                                                               


AAPT Ltd (Telecommunications Company). Contact: Paul Storman – Learning & Development Manager


AAPT opened a greenfield site, with over 200 staff recruited primarily into the contact centre. A training team was also recruited to develop and deliver induction, customer service and technical training. The company was focussed on servicing customers and was unaware of the NSW State and Federal Government’s financial rebates available for such an initiative.

Samsara Solution

Samsara was able to demonstrate to the Training Manager the financial, operational and community benefits of mapping their intensive contact centre induction training to a qualification within the AQF.

Samsara worked with AAPT’s Learning & Development Team to select a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that would perform the training mapping and assessment. This enabled employees that completed the induction training to receive a nationally accredited qualification, in this instance a Certificate III in Customer Contact. Samsara performed financial modelling to determine the cashflows including the various state government and the federal government rebates that AAPT and the RTO were eligible for. By bringing all the financial and operational information together AAPT was equipped to negotiate effectively with the RTO and secure an attractive and viable arrangement. In fact AAPT received money from the RTO to reimburse them for the cost of performing the induction training!


The key results were:

  • 150 employees received the Certificate III in Customer Contact qualification
  • The induction training program is now an industry qualification and not a company qualification enabling employees to move into higher level qualifications - which over 90 percent of them elected to do
  • AAPT received financial support in excess of $750,000 and incurred external costs of under $100,000.
  • AAPT was very happy with the outcome as the training was company-specific, the staff turnover was 50 percent less compared to those employees not on the program, and the financial benefits enabled the company to expand its Learning & Development portfolio.

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