Case Study

Developing the business skills of Independent Business Owners

A critical issue facing many independent businesses is the leadership and management skills of the business owner. Samsara provided a solution...                                                                                         


Pivot Point Academy Pty Ltd (Australia’s largest private trainer of Hair Dressers) Contact: Julie Hagney – Principal NSW Academy.


An environmental scan of the Hair & Beauty Industry identified that the number 1 issue impacting the future of the industry was the skills and capacity of the industry’s leaders and managers. Pivot Point a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), obtained registration to deliver the course, Diploma in Hairdressing Salon Management. The course targets current and future hair salon owners and managers.

This course is a registered qualification with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) but there was little knowledge of it by leaders and managers within the Hair & Beauty Industry.

Samsara Solution

Samsara is familiar with the hair industry and recognised an opportunity within the federal governments Productivity Placements Program (PPP). Samsara approached Pivot Point with the proposal to develop the diploma course into a coaching format. This would enable business owners to develop material for their own business while satisfying the assessment requirements of the diploma.

Samsara developed the coaching concept, developed the training material and mapped the training and assessment material to the diploma units, elements, and competencies. Pivot Point markets the program, performs all the assessments and administers the program. There are currently over 50 salon owners undertaking the program. While this program is still in its infancy the feedback from participants is excellent.
Samsara has structured the program as a ‘leadership journey’ all within the learning outcomes required for the diploma.


Pivot Point are excited by the quality of the material and the way the format is being embraced by the industry. The program will be ramped up in 2011. Other plans include the modularising of the course into a series of 1 day workshops and the expansion of the program into Victoria and other states.


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