Case Study

Acquisition & Consolidation of Companies

Business acquisitions that lead to the consolidation of organisations present many cultural and skill development challenges. Samsara provided a solution.                                                                                 


Comtel Corporation Ltd – (Online publishing & Mobile Reseller). Contact:  Paul McFadden - Chief Operating Officer.


Comtel acquired a company and relocated both companies to a single new site.  A team of 35 customer service representatives was formed, however each member had various levels of customer training and technical knowledge. The Chief Operating Officer was looking for a consolidation and training solution in order to deliver the required customer experience.

Samsara Solution

Samsara proposed an operational solution for the training needs of the team and uniformity of processes for the delivery of services.

Samsara assisted the Chief Operating Officer with the selection of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver the training and perform the assessments. Samsara also assisted with the identification of qualifications for the operational teams and the supervisors / managers. All operational staff  were enrolled in Customer Contact qualifications while the team leaders and supervisors were enrolled in a Frontline Management qualification

Samsara prepared a monthly cashflow forecast for 24 months to show accurately the cash flows the employer and the RTO could expect.

Comtel outsourced to Samsara all administrative requirements necessary to support the training program initiatives including compliance, cash flow management and performance management.


Comtel was very happy with the training outcomes achieved.  Outsourcing the administrative requirements to Samsara resulted in virtually no internal resources being required to administer the entire program. Comtel is now able to deliver the desired 'Customer Experience' to customers consistently. In addition the program has netted a positive cash flow.

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