Ray Blanch

Ray Blanch has over twenty five years experience in a wide variety of general management positions as well as senior human resources, finance and manufacturing roles. Ray’s roles have all focused on improving business performance and getting the best out of people.

Ray has been involved in industrial relations for over twenty years. It all started back in the early 1990’s taking the management lead negotiating Enterprise Agreements in a manufacturing facility. This lead to Ray managing Human Resource departments and being a pioneer of Competency Based Training in the mid 90’s.

Ray holds an undergraduate degree in Business with a major in Accounting and a specialisation in Industrial Relations. As the Principal of Samsara Solutions, Ray is committed to maximising the benefits of clients’ employee training efforts. Ray meets with clients to discuss their training needs and builds an outsourcing model that effectively passes all administration and compliance work over to Samsara to enable businesses to get on with business.

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Jennifer Godbee

Jennifer Godbee has a career that spans over 25 years and has held positions in a notable list of organisations including IBM, Westpac, Coles Myer, Pepsi Cola Bottlers and the State Governments of both South and Western Australia. Jennifer has held a variety of senior management roles and the areas of responsibility have varied from finance, administration, customer service and human resources to performance management and the development of a retail franchisee model.

Jennifer has been involved in the selection, development and motivation of people for over twenty years and passionately believes the selection of the right people is the key to any successful business. Once the right people are selected it is management’s responsibility to keep them motivated through training, incentives, job variety and inclusion. Jennifer has a firm belief there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when managing, motivating and inspiring people.

Having achieved some amazing results with the teams she has developed through trust and empowerment, Jennifer believes training is a key here as people need the skills to be able to perform the tasks they have been empowered to perform.

Jennifer holds an undergraduate degree in Business, a Masters Degree in Administration, is member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants and an Associate Member of the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW.

As Samsara Solutions Operations Manager, Jennifer is responsible for the ongoing development and management of the support functions that enable Samsara to deliver on its client commitments.

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